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Firm Overview

Benckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C., has served central Illinois since the firm’s inception in 1981. Founded by Glenn E. Benckendorf (1929-2020) and David A. Benckendorf (retired 2011), our firm proudly offers a broad range of sophisticated legal services, encompassing many areas of general civil practice. We serve you in a small firm setting without the bureaucracy that can often come with large firms. We are able to give our clients the customized attention each of their cases deserves.

We have locations in both Peoria and Morton. Our Morton office serves as the center for a full spectrum of services for real estate matters, including contract preparation, legal counseling, title insurance, and transaction closing. For your convenience, all of our attorneys are available to meet with you in either office. To schedule an appointment with an attorney, please call 309-938-4296 or contact us online.

Our Skilled Attorneys

Our attorneys pride themselves in their ability to communicate, not just with other lawyers and judges, but first and foremost, with you, their client. Too often, people find that when they consult an attorney about a legal problem, he or she just takes over. Frequently, the client feels unimportant in the entire matter and doesn’t always understand what is being done for their benefit. In order to appreciate the quality of a will, the structure of a real estate transfer, or the bottom line in the settlement of a lawsuit, we know a client must understand the benefits of the outcome. What’s more, a client needs to know what went into getting all the parties to come to the same result.

Rest assured, our skills go beyond just being able to make you feel better. Our ability to render a comprehensive scope of legal services is based on an on-going dedication to our craft. Our attorneys’ knowledge and experience continue to grow through their attendance at continuing legal education seminars and their involvement in local business and community activities. The firm, as a group, continues to evolve in order to better to serve not only our clients’ current needs but their future needs, as well.

Our commitment to quality service leads us to be interested in the latest innovations in technology, experience, training, and business activities. This dedication allows us to become more efficient with our time, so we are more efficient with your money.

Representative Clients

In Peoria:

Our offices are located at 101 NE Randolph Avenue, on the corner of North Street and Randolph Avenue, one building from the top of the Main Street hill.
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In Morton:

Our offices are located at 100 N. Main Street, on the corner of Jefferson and Main Streets.
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