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How can a mother obtain support for a child who was born out of wedlock? Similarly, how can a father who is not listed on the birth certificate obtain visitation rights, and can he still petition for those rights if another man has legally acknowledged paternity with regard to the child?

If doubts arise as to the true parentage of the child after a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity has been signed, can anything be done to revisit the issue?

These questions are just some of the important but difficult and sensitive topics involved with paternity issues under Illinois law.

At Benckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C., we represent both mothers and fathers who are seeking to resolve paternity issues. To learn more about your rights and how our lawyers can help you resolve a paternity issue discretely and with dignity, call or contact any of our office locations directly to schedule an initial consultation.

Adoption, Child Custody, Visitation And Support

Paternity impacts situations involving the adoption of children who are born out of wedlock and — in both divorce and non-divorce contexts — the issues of child custody and a fathers’ rights to visitation and obligations of financial support.

When parentage is contested, DNA testing is often required to settle the matter. The testing is simple, accurate, and easy to arrange. However, it is important to note that when a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity has been signed, there may be limits on the amount of time in which to reverse the legal effect of that document.

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