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Civil Unions

Illinois legislation recognizes civil unions for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples. The attorneys at Benckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C., can help our clients understand what this law may mean for them. For couples who do not want to enter into a traditional marriage, this bill grants them similar rights as those given to married couples.

Representing Individual’s Rights in a Civil Union

Individual’s entering into a domestic partnership may be afforded many of the same rights as traditionally married couples, including:

  • The right to make health care decisions for one’s partner
  • The right to hospital visitation when visitation is limited to family members
  • The right to spousal coverage under employer-based health care plans
  • The right to inheritance without estate planning documents

Our dedicated Illinois family law attorneys help domestic partners in many legal matters. Whether a couple needs assistance drafting wills and trusts or advance directives or they wish to buy real estate together, we can help.

Ending a Domestic Partnership

Like any marriage, a domestic partnership may not always last. When this happens, legal issues typically seen in a divorce case may arise, including issues surrounding:

For over 30 years, the lawyers at Benckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C., have helped clients confront family law issues with compassion and understanding. We are proud to extend our services to partners in a civil union who may find themselves facing these types of problems. We always keep our clients informed about their case’s progress every step of the way.