Landlords and Property Management

Although property owners generally have the lion's share of rights in a landlord-tenant relationship, poor property management policies or impulsive decisions made without the benefit of legal counsel can quickly tip that balance in favor of the tenant.

To avoid problems and to more effectively manage your properties, talk to the central Illinois lawyers who've been helping other landlords accomplish those goals since 1981.

The attorneys at Benckendorf & Benckendorf, P.C., advise landlords and provide a full range of quality property management services for residential and commercial holdings of all types. To discuss your situation and specific needs with us, call any of our three central Illinois office locations directly or take a few moments to contact us online.

Property Management Services

Our lawyers take the time to uncover the unique aspects of your situation and work to provide the advice and solutions that will both comply with applicable laws and meet your specific needs at the same time.

Our services include:

  • Establishing legally sound policies for screening applicants
  • Ensuring compliance with government public housing requirements
  • Drafting effective lease agreements that protect your interests while minimizing potential liabilities
  • Preparing rental applications, form letters, and a variety of other common landlord-tenant documents
  • Managing the eviction process in compliance with Illinois requirements
  • Teaching your existing property managers/caretakers how to follow established procedures and policies
  • Resolving landlord-tenant disputes, including litigation

We Do It Right. Our Clients Deserve It.

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