Banking and Finance

As a result of working with and for the fastest growing central Illinois banks, we are very familiar with banking laws and procedure. We can generally give "same day" answers to bank related questions, and have been involved in numerous cases relating to Illinois banking law, including cases before the Illinois Appellate Court on the application of Regulation Z and Truth-in-Lending, the Illinois Credit Agreements Act as well as foreclosures and collections.

Banking issues are more important to small businesses than they often appreciate. Frequently small businesses figure that because they are incorporated, they have no personal liability for their business debts. They often fail to understand the significance of the personal guarantees and second mortgages on their homes that many banks require in exchange for credit extensions. We make sure that clients understand the contents of each and every paper they sign in exchange for credit.

We also prepare commercial instruments and can assist clients with private loans and other credit extensions, as well as help with the preparation of corporate documents typically required by banks upon the extension of credit including such items as directors resolutions authorizing the lending, secretaries' certificates and shareholder documentation.

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